This site is to showcase my 1982 DJ-5L AM General Postal Jeep.  I believe it to be the only U.S Mail liveried jeep from this area in the U.K, and possibly outside of America.

The jeep is available for use in film and TV work where the desire is to contribute to a location that is intended to be 1980s / 1990s America.  (Perhaps later in rural areas where these jeeps were used for longer).

The jeeps runs and drives well and is fully insured and road legal for use in the U.K.  Located in Sheffield it is central to most parts of Great Britain.

For more information about the jeep and the 21 years that I have owned it click here.

If you have a question about my jeep or would like to enquire about using it in your TV or film then contact me or visit BookAClassic here.

For links to other resources about Postal Jeeps on the internet click here.